Following our ‘Issues and Options’ consultation in  2014, the details of the draft Neighbourhood Plan went into production.  This, as the next stage to consult the community and will start in September 2016. Once your comments have been reviewed, we will submit our final plan to Dacorum Borough Council to check for conformity before they arrange for an independent examination, and subject to examination approval we will take the final plan to referendum later in 2017.

This will be your chance to support the Neighbourhood Plan and help make it a recognised document within the planning decision process and help potential developers understand the needs and wishes of the community to make Grovehill a more welcoming, vibrant and busy place to live.

Please see below details of the the latest consultation

Draft Grovehill Future Neighbourhood Plan – 28 September – 4 November 2016

This consultation is now closed, thank you if you have left us your comments.

The comments have been reviewed as part of the consultation process for the final version of the Grovehill Future Neighbourhood Plan due to be submitted to DBC Spring 2017.

Further documentation in relation to the submission of the  Final Neighbourhood Plan will be added, once it is submitted.

Formal submission of the ‘Grovehill Future Neighbourhood Plan’ – 13th March 2017

We are very pleased to announce that the ‘Grovehill Future Neighbourhood Plan’ and supporting papers have now formally been submitted to DBC.  They will now review these documents in order to approve them for submission for an independant examination, expected June 2017. Following a successful examination a local referendum will take place when residents to be able to vote yes or no whether they wish the document to be used by DBC as a planning policy document.

DBC’s Consultation on draft submission of the Grovehill Future Neighbourhood Plan 2016-2031: 14th June – 28th July 2017

Following receipt of our draft Neighbourhood Plan, and as part of the next steps of the neighbourhood planning process to progress to Independent Examination, and finally a local referendum (expected later in the year), DBC has considered this submission and now invite your comments as they formally consult on the Grovehill Future Neighbourhood Plan (Under Regulation 16 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012).

For more information go to

Grovehill Future Neighbourhood Plan consultation notice (PDF 98KB). 

Comment on the Grovehill Future Neighbourhood Plan

For details of these consultations please go to our Reference and evidence base page


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