Submission of the Neighbourhood Plan

September 2016 – Consultation on the Draft Grovehill Future Neighbourhood Plan – Consultation now closed

The ‘Draft Grovehill Future Neighbourhood Plan’ was completed and issued for consultation between September 28 and November 4 2016, to all households, businesses and community user groups in Grovehill for their consideration.
Please visit the reference and evidence  page to view the the ‘Draft Grovehill Future Neighbourhood Plan’ and ‘supporting appendices’. 

13th March 2017 – Submission of the Grovehill Future Neighbourhood Plan

Following the responses received from the draft Neighbourhood Plan consultation,  the final Neighbourhood Plan has now been completed, agreed by the Forum and submitted to Dacorum Borough Council for approval to progress. At this time we expect a six week consultation, organised by Dacorum Borough Council.  The final Neighbourhood Plan will then be passed to an inspector for independant examination, once completed you can vote* on the plan in a referendum.

If there is a majority YES vote at the referendum, the plan will become part of the Local Development Plan for the area, which means it will sit alongside the Dacorum Borough Council’s Core Strategy and Save Local Plans and any proposals for development will have to conform to it.

Although the Plan does not become a statutory document until approved at referendum, at present Grovhill Future Forum are consulted on matters of major developments  i.e. Site Allocation –  LA1 Marchmont Farm.  And once the Neighbourhood Plan is made, all planning applications in Grovehill will be reviewed by the Council with reference the policies made within our Neighbourhood Plan.

Details of Grovehill Future Neighbourhood Plan and relevant documents that  form part of the submission documents, additional background documents can be found on the reference and evidence page.

Appointment of Independent Examiner

Following discussions and approval with the Forum, DBC have confirmed that ahead of the draft submission consultation due to start 14th June, that they have now appointed an Independant Examiner, Nigel McGurk.  Nigel is an experienced Neighbourhood Plan examminer and will be starting work on the examination shortly after the latest consultation closes on 28th July.  To have your say  on the draft submission of the Neighbourhood Plan visit



 (*subject to eligibility)

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