Who are we

Community Led

The Forum has been created by local residents, users, business owners and elected Councillors from Grovehill .


The Forum will produce a sustainable plan for Grovehill. As not only should we be planning for a sustainable future for Grovehill, we need to ensure that our plan is possible and sustainable for the lifespan of the plan

Inclusive and Independent

The steering group will actively seek the views of all the individuals, organisations and businesses that live, work, learn and play in the village of Hook Norton. In the process of developing the Neighbourhood Plan we will seek to represent the village as a whole, giving equal consideration to all organisations, businesses and individuals.


We will be open to any person, organisation or business that wants to contribute to creating a sustainable future for Hook Norton. Whilst we will seek to maintain a steering group of roughly ten members, we will hold our meetings in public, and anybody will be welcome to attend and contribute to our meetings. We will actively seek to inform the village of our activities, and will publish our meeting minutes.

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