The Roadmap

The Roadmap

HNNP Roadmap Graphic

Getting Started

  • Identify that a plan is needed and why
  • Initial Public Meeting to publicise plan
  • Setup a steering group
  • Apply to Cherwell District Council to approve the ‘Neighbourhood Area’

Define the Scope and Vision

  • Initial Public Consultation via Newsletter Questionnaire
  • Initial Stakeholder consultations including local businesses, groups, churches, schools and services
  • Identify and Prioritise the Key Issues and Themes
  • Develop the vision and scope
  • Create key objectives and identify options

Build the Evidence Base

  • Review existing evidence including stakeholder consultations
  • Identify evidence gaps
  • Compile and Analyse new evidence
  • Detailed consultation on the Vision, Scope and Objectives

Write the Plan

  • Create policies, proposals, site allocations
  • Consider sustainability, diversity, equality

Consultation on Plan

  • Present the plan to public and key stakeholders for final consultation
  • Amend plan as necessary

Submission and Examination

  • Submit to Cherwell District Council for publication
  • CDC appoints examiner
  • Examination takes place and report is delivered


  • Referendum carried out, normally alongside local elections
  • Plan is approved if over 50% of votes for the plan


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